Breastfeeding is one of the essential public health that can have implications for social and economic problems. Babies who don't receive breast milk tend to be in worse health than babies who are breastfed. In addition, mothers who do not breastfeed also increase their own health risks.

Publications related to breastfeeding are still widespread. Breastfeeding-related articles are generally published in journals that focus on nursing, midwifery, paediatrics, family medicine, public health, immunology, physiology, sociology, and others. Therefore, we specifically facilitate publications related to breastfeeding through Journal of Breastfeeding Practice.

Journal of Breastfeeding Practice is an open-access journal that focuses on the development of breastfeeding science with the aim of expanding knowledge, thinking and research in breastfeeding. This journal addresses the need for high-quality, multi-disciplinary journals. Topics raised include scope

Journal of Breastfeeding Practice is dedicated to publishing original research results. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed provided that they have never been published or are being submitted for publication elsewhere. In addition, research must contain the latest information in the field of Breastfeeding Practice.